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    Forecast Accuracy Help

      I've been stumped on this forecast accuracy report for some time now. I'm trying to take the Absolute value of Forecast less Shipments divided by Forecast. I'm using the following formula:




      As far as I can tell, this is the formula I need to use so that the total will sum all of the item's ABS. The formula works fine so long as I am load a value for the forecast and a value for the shipment. However, if an item has been shipped but had no forecast (and therefore no item loaded into the table for forecast) the absolute value cannot calculate.



      This is the table I get in QlikView:

      ItemFcstShipABSABS %


      The total ABS should be 1460 and the ABS % should be 78.28% (ABS Total of 1460 divided by Fcst Total of 1865).


      Anyone have an idea of what I can do?