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    More QlikView themes?

    Jonas Viklund



      Does anyone know where you can get more qlikview themes except those 18 examples that comes with QV 10?

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          Saurabh Pandit

          One is using the format painter tool. Look for a smart icon with a paint brush. With it you can tranfer properties like colors and fonts from one object to another. Or from one (default) to several other objects.

          Next is

          settings --> doc props --> general tab with plenty of default values (ok, for your next app)

          Others are

          settings --> doc props --> font tab

          settings --> doc props --> layout tab


          // I found this answer in one of the discussions. hope it helps.



          Can u let me know more about the 18 examples u said that are already available. I am new to Qlikview and using Qlikview 11.