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    Theme making for gauge chart

      I am new to Qlikview and I am currently working on theme making issues.

      I have encountered a problem of applying theme to gauge chart.

      I have created a theme for gauge chart and I can successfully apply this theme to a single gauge chart I want. However, my document contains several gauge charts, when I use "Apply To..." button to apply this theme to all gauge charts in the document by ticking "Objects in this document", some of the theme settings have lost.


      For details, I have attached a file with 3 gauge charts on that and a gauge chart theme. You may notice that when we apply the theme to all gauge charts, the "Hide Segment Boundaries" check box in "Presentation" tab haven't been ticked. But when we apply the theme to the gauge chart one by one, the "Hide Segment Boundaries" check box in "Presentation" tab will be ticked.


      This is a piece of the theme problem.  "Objects in this document" checkbox always lost some theme features. I just wonder do we need to apply the theme to all objects one by one to ensure the theme features are kept.