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    Reloading data from the Internet through QV Mngmt Console

      Hi all,


      I've been experiencing an issue of not being able to reload a file from the Internet when my qvw is scheduled to reload from the QV Management Console every morning. I see this in the log file: "Error: Cannot open HTML file".


      I find it strange as when I run it from the QV installed on the same server I'm able to reload it succesfully. Also, it works fine when I open the site from the IE on the same server.


      Here is what can be found in the log file:


      12.10.2011 10:32:05: 0036            LOAD 'GBP' as GLCurrID,

      12.10.2011 10:32:05: 0037                      @2 as FCERate

      12.10.2011 10:32:05: 0038            FROM

      12.10.2011 10:32:05: 0039            [https://www.business.barclays.co.uk/BRC1/jsp/brcscontrol?site=bbb&task=ExchangeRatesDetail&currencyCode=USD]

      12.10.2011 10:32:05: 0040            (html, codepage is 1250, no labels, table is @17)

      12.10.2011 10:32:05:       Error: Cannot open HTML file


      Any ideas?