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    looping over expressions obtained in another table for a graph

      hello all,


      am facing a real dillema with the generation of a report where i have to represent a product (obtained from another table through calculations) in a graph through its rank. I want to loop over the rank of the products i obtained from a table.

      I obtained the ranks of the products by highest Inventory Coverage from a straight table as shown below


      straight table.PNG

      Now I need to build a graph for the first 3 products (Rank 1,2,3) displaying the Sales and Inventory coverage.

      A graph like this for each product over the last X months. graph shows rank 1: Iphone 4s


      graph per product.PNG



      I need to generate same graph for the products ranked 2 and 3 also in my report also.

      Please can someone help in how to make this possible.

      The application is attached for your convenience and i ll be grateful if anyone could show me the way to make it possible.


      Thanks in advance,