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    Reapply macros after a QVW publishes

      Any ideas on how to reapply a macro after server republishes a QVW?  I tried using the "OnPostReload" Document Event Trigger but it is not working?  Thanks.

        • Reapply macros after a QVW publishes
          Isaiah Weed

          Publisher does not run macros; do some searching on the forum and you'll find a lot regarding this.  You can get around this by bypassing publisher for the reload and using the desktop client (qv.exe process with /r parameter) and either scheduling this with Task Manager (or some other job scheduler) or, if you're using Publisher Enterprise, you can call an external command to accomplish (so Publisher is still in control of the job, it's just not doing the reload.) 


          Be cautions; I see a lot of comments regarding intermittent functionality with OnPostReload.  I myself haven't had any problems thus far..