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    Send selected result to an external system



      Is it possible to take all data from a column in a filtered result and in some way send it to an external system through either of:

      * Web Service

      * HTTP post

      * Some other way


      Any ideas or examples are appreciated, both for getting the filtered result and how to send it.


      Thanks in advance

        • Send selected result to an external system
          Stefan Wühl

          Hi fredrikr,


          I believe you would have to use a macro for that.


          Please have a look at this post for a start:





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            Alexander Karlsson

            Hi fredrikr,


            With QV10 you could write an extension objects that leverages qlikview functionality and then pushing that data out of QlikView.


            This small snippet will give you an example on how to get the first column data and then display that in a html-table.

            Since you have the data you can now push that into a different system. We usually does it this way when piping customer IDs back to a CRM-system for example, set the customer ID as a dimension and a '=1' as expression to get the chart to calculate.


            If you get stuck, check out the QlikView SDK where you will find good examples aswell as the JsApi documentation.



            Qva.AddExtension('RenderHTML', function() {



                    var html = "<table>";



                      for (var i = 0; i < this.Data.Rows.length; i++) {


                                          var row = this.Data.Rows [i];

                        html += "<tr><td>" + row[0].text + "</td><td>";


                    html += "</table>";


                      this.Element.style.overflow = 'scroll';

                this.Element.innerHTML = html;





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              As Alexander said, you can use Extension Objects.


              I have managed to write an Extension that prints data in an HTML table and with an HTML Form sends the data to a web server and then to an SQL database. The extension is not complete yet, but it works to that point. Then you can do whatever you want with the data


              Using Alexander's example code, you can integrate an HTML Form with (preferably hidden) input fields containing the values in each cell.


              html += "<tr><td><input type='hidden' value='" + row[0].text + "' />" + row[0].text + "</td></tr>";


              Good luck!