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    Seven Goals for Business Intelligence Implementation in Healthcare

    Ben Baldyga

      I was just reading a blog post which references a VP of IT's 7 goals for implementing BI in Healthcare. Do you agree based on your experience or what would you add to his list?


      He suggested that providers use available information to:


      1. Improve clinical, financial and operational performance

      2. Target investments in business and clinical intelligence solutions

      3. Improve data availability and completeness

      4. Transform data into useable information

      5. Gain actionable insights by grouping populations and entities

      6. Improve access to and utilization of existing tools and technologies

      7. Apply insights through feedback loops to business and clinical processes


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        • Seven Goals for Business Intelligence Implementation in Healthcare
          Brian Veara

          These are fairly good goals for the initial implementation.  I don't agree with #4 as the goal should not be to create useable information.  Just creating useable information is waste (overproduction) if it is not acted on.  The goal is to provide insight to opportunities and gaps in performance (similar to #5) that is actually acted on.


          I would also include:

          1. Reducing the TCO for the entire BI stack,
          2. Reducing current process waste in non-clinical areas (Finance, Billing, Coding, Quality, etc.)
          3. Creating a durable data architecture that can withstand the clinical and business changes over time.