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    Import only data match condition

      Hi there,


      I have a table Sales with fields: Code, Customername, Modified (date & time), Status_code, etc.

      It is a big database and I would like to make it as quickly as possible.

      1) FIRST DOC -> Create QVD

      First I have made a QVD with all info where Status_code >= 810 (so no orders with Work In Process)


      Code, Customername, Modified, Status_Code

      now() AS Createtime_QVD;           //So I have a creatingdate of the QVD-doc


      WHERE Status_code >= 810


      2) SECOND DOC -> QVW with new orders

      Now I want to load all orders < 810, So I do the same but now


      Code, Customername, Modified, Status_Code;


      WHERE Status_code < 810


      3) THIRD DOC -> QVW with orders which had status >=810 AND.....

      Now I would like to have the orders that have become a Status_Code >=810 between the time I had run the QVD en the time I load the second doc.

      But I do not now how.


      I thought that I could do

      WHERE Status_code >=810 AND Modified > Createtime_QVD

      but I cannot link the QVD with my new QVW because I only need the Createtime_QVD and there is no link between Createtime_QVD and the data from the second doc.


      At last I CONCATENATE the data to one QVW, and make my reports.

      Who can help my with the third doc???