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    classify if text includes


      does anyone have any idea how to select lines based on a part of text a particula field includes?



      I have the following account names:


      WIP manual postings
      Commerc inventories -goods in transit exchange rat
      Good In Transit - Transfer
      Com.inv.goods received/invoice received adjustm.
      Com.inv.goods in transit intercomp.del.goods rec.
      Com.inv.goods in transit-goods shipped to 3rd part
      Com.inv.goods in transit-interc.dlv.goods invoic.
      Com.inv.GIT dlv.goods invoic. Own wh deliv


      How to simply select these lines that have 'GIT' or 'goods in transit' or 'Goods In Transit' and classify them as [GIT accounts]?


      Thanks for any tip.