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    Problem with Drill-Down Group Expressions

      Hi everyone, I am trying to add an expression to be used as a Field inside a Drill Down Group, but it doesnt seem to like any sort of expression that I put there.


      Here's an example:



      IF( varDisplayAgent=1,

      if(Agent<>'<NV>', Agent)

      , '***********'





      This is a pretty basic expression, why do you think it mught not like it?


      When I use the new Field in the drill-down scenario, the chart shows "Allocated Memory Exeeded"


      Any Suggestion?

        • Problem with Drill-Down Group Expressions

          I think the Allocated Memory problem happens when you create a circular reference or a scenario that approximates an outer join. Have you checked your model to make sure that "agent" isn't defined more than once and/or isn't part of a messy complex join?


          Maybe change the initial query such that it will handle the <NV> logic? Something like:

          SQL SELECT



                         case when Agent != '<NV>' then Agent else '********' end as Agent


          FROM YourTable


          That way at least you get rid of the nested IF. You could also take this opportunity to rename the column if it is part of a messy join.