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    Stacked Chart

    jagan mohan rao appala



      I need to create a stacked bar chart, with no dimension and with 15 expressions.  Is there any way to display the first 5 expressions as one stacked bar, second 5 expressions as one stacked bar and remaining 5 expressions as another stacked bar.  When I tried using the Stacked option in Style tab all 15 expressions are converted into one stacked bar.  Is there any work around for this.




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          Vincent Ardiet

          Hi Jagan,


          May be you can try using two fake dimensions created with the help of valuelist.

          First dim : =ValueList('A','B','C')

          Second dim : =ValueList('1','2','3','4','5')


          In the single expression you will have to do something like this :




          I'm not sure that 2 ValueList are possible in the same chart.