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    Leased License Issue - 2 Users, 1 machine

      We operate QlikView from a VM.  So far I have been the sole user and when working on the VM lease a license from the server. A new user is now accessing the VM but he cannot get a leased license to activate. He has a named CAL (which works when accessing a deployed dashboard). We have tried entering the license information, and it looks as though it has worked, but then continues in personal edition. We have tried "Open in server" but the relevant files aren't visable. Is it an issue that 2 different people are working on the same machine (never at the same time though). Also, he can't access either of the Management Consoles - can more than one user access those? How would I give him those rights? Thanks.

        • Leased License Issue - 2 Users, 1 machine



          To lease a licence you should only have to open any random file through open in server so don't worry you can't see the exact one.  Open anything you can see (assuming you can see something) and that should validate your licence. 


          Hope that works!



          • Leased License Issue - 2 Users, 1 machine
            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



            In addition to what Emma says in order to get a license from Server, note the following:

            • User must have a license assigned to its DOMAIN\USERNAME (using this notation)
            • License lease must be allowed in Server: QEMC, System, Licenses, Client Access Licenses (CALs), Allow License Lease
            • User must not have any other client open against server in any other computer, VPN, Plugin, Ajax, etc. To see if the user has a license assigned and used, go to QEMC, System, Licenses, Client Access Licenses (CALs), Assigned CALs and History tabs
            • If the license is a Named CAL, his copy of QlikView Desktop must not have any license number (Settings menu, User Preferences, License, Clear License Information.


            Hope that helps.


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