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    Comparision of selection against last year


      I'm sure there is a simple solution to my issue, but my mind really will not help me out today, and as I haven't been looking too much into set analysis yet, I'm not sure how to write the correct expression.


      From my database, I have one separate column for month, and one for year, so no specific date column (the way it is presentet to me in the first place, not a good choice, but that is another issue.)

      I also have a column named "x" which contains numeric data. What I want to do, is comparing the values in column "x" with the values for the past year.

      So the expression would be somewhat like:



      and formatted to be displayed in %.

      But I also need to state that it shall be:


      1-Sum(x)/Sum(x) where "Year" = selection - 1.


      Good ideas/a solution to this issue would be appreciated.


      Thank you in advance,