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    SQL Keys in QV LOAD

      Hi guys,


      I was wondering if there is any possibility to create keys like in database architectures? If so, where can I retrieve this information? I can't seem to find it anywhere.




        • SQL Keys in QV LOAD
          Anand Chouhan



          As i understand you ask about Primarykeys,Composite keys, cascade keys, forighn keys etc if so for this i say

          1. when there is a key which is connected with any table is called as key like


          Table1 key


          ID as Key


          Table2 key


          ID-Info as Key


          which is directly connected to each othere and its frequency is equal in qlikview and is a unique keys and if you want to create a composite key you can create with combination of two keys like


          Key1&'-'&Key 2 as CompositeKey