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    "warm bed" calculation in QV application

      Hi mebers,

      I am working on the development of an application in oder to get an indepth insight in the nurse/ patientratio

      I work with to tables



      table  A with three colums:   "availble nurses"

      colum one is named  start time

      colum two is named end time

      colum three is named employee number




      Table B  "clinical patients"

      admission date/time

      discharge date/time




      now i want to know how many nurses where aviable  at the ward on different times  between 08.00 and 17.00

      and match this with the number of patients at a certain moment of the day. So we can determine if there is an excess or shortage.


      Does someone of you have this problem solved or work with this kind of ratio's

      thanks in advance