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    learning API




      I would to learn some thing about QV Macros.

      I create the wrond script and I need some one could to correct the scrip I wrote.

      Please I would to have one msg box with 2 line write into.

      The event is join to a button. If I press the button the msgbox appears and gets me the the result. I used the For loop to learn how QV works in API script.


      sub Message

      set v=ActiveDocument.Variables(2)

      FOR a=0 to v.GetContent.Number

      ActiveDocument.Getapplication.MsgBox("Fine Conteggio ")& v.GetContent.Number

      end sub


      thanks and best regards

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          what's your question?

          Best regards


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              sorry for my english. however I would to learn a script with the button, for loop msgBox.

              In the scrip I posted I try to create small application where I press the button, the for loop creeate mexages and the msgBos shows the messages. Naturally my script is not correct. Please have a look the script?




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                  Gordon Savage

                  If I understand correctly, you need to set the values in a single variable and then display just one message box at the end?

                  In your loop set a variable to its current value with the additional value you want appended to it (chr(10) forces a new line):

                  vMsg = vMsg & chr(10) & v.GetContent.Number

                  Then after the loop display the values:

                  ActiveDocument.Getapplication.MsgBox vMsg

                  Hope this helps,


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                Hello! Perhaps you mean this


                sub MostraVar
                set vars = ActiveDocument.GetVariableDescriptions
                for i = 0 to vars.Count - 1
                set v = vars.Item(i)
                MsgBox("Nr Variabili Programma: " & vars.Count)
                end sub

                Ciao Big Smile





                PS: Ma se sei italiano ..... prova prima a chiedere nel nostro gruppo