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    uploading different type of data in one column

    Raghavendra Suryakumar
      Hi All,
      We have a situation wherein we have multiple details of a cost center performance.  The values for performance measures are different for each measure.  For example it has date, percentages, number etc.
      Performance measure               Actual       Budget
      1. Revenue                                  20K          22K
      2. Customer Satisfaction               80%         95%
      3. Start date                                01-Apr-11   01-Apr-11
      and so on.  In my upload script I have tried to put this code
      if(istext(Actual),text(Actual),if(left(text(Actual),3)='*/',date(Actual),Actual)) as Actual,
      if(istext(Budget),text(Budget),if(left(text(Budget),3)='*/',date(Budget),Budget)) as Budget
      when I am pulling the data in qlikview and putting it in a straight table chart, customer satisfaction is appearing as .80 and not as 80%.  Am I missing any trick here.  Can anyone pls suggest.