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    Mounted folder Path Issue



      I am facing the issue of the Mounted folder Path, when i change the Mounted folder Path in UAT Server it automatically gets changed in the Production Server.

      We have clustered server Environment in Production with External Load Balancer.


      We have NAS for storage and in it there are two MAP Drive folder one for  UAT ($QvPriv) and other for Production ($QvProd) for storing all the Qlikview Apps and Access point folder too. Access point path folder for UAT is set from $QvPriv and for Production it is set from $QvProd


      But when we set the Mounted folder Path in UAT Server it automatically get changed in Production Server with the same path. This is strange !! also we have external load balancer.


      Any suggestions pls help.


      Thanks in advance.



        • Mounted folder Path Issue
          Daniel Rozental

          Are the UAT and the Production server in a cluster? Then all configurations are shared, you can't just change one.

            • Mounted folder Path Issue

              Thanks for the reply.


              No we have only one clustered enviornment i.e. PRODUCTION.

                • Mounted folder Path Issue
                  Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                  Hi Arun,


                  I may be missing something, but if your QlikView Servers are clustered, all configuration must be the same, and moreover changes in one server will be replicated to the clustered server. Although you can see two different Consoles, QlikView shares both as one actual clustered server. So you cannot change paths in one of the clustered servers.


                  Hope that helps.


                  Miguel Angel Baeyens

                  BI Consultant

                  Comex Grupo Ibérica

                    • Mounted folder Path Issue

                      Thanks !! That's true.


                      Since we have clustered environment only in Production with two qlikview servers and UAT Environment has only one Qlikview server which is not clustered with these two production servers than i am strange about these why the mounted folder path change reflect from UAT server to Production.


                      We also have steps to recreate the Issue.


                      1. First we keep the mounted folder path as it should be in the UAT Server and Restart all the Services

                      2. Than we change the mounted folder path of the UAT server to Production server mounted folder path and than Restart all the Services.

                      3. Again we revert back the change to the Actual mounted folder path of the UAT as it should be and restarted all  the Services. Now the path of the UAT server gets reflected to the Production server.


                      We have two different Environment Production and UAT with clustering of two servers only in Production and one common NAS for storage but that are having different logical partion in it like @QvProd for Production Access Point folder and @QvAcc for UAT Access point folder.


                      pls provide your valuable suggestion..