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    Function AGGR and Average



      I have an issue with a KPI.


      I need to calcul the % of people traited by my investigator.


      For this, for each Study, I have the number of patient (of my selection of two investigator), the total number of patient for my study, and the % of inclusion of my investigator in the study , calculed by : Number Patient of this investigator / Number of total of patient for this stud. You can find this in my graphic object ;"

      BY STUDY ".


      I have the issue when I want calcul for each Investigator, the average in all selectionned study of traited patient in the object graphic "BY INVESTIGATOR".

      I succeed to calcul the number of patient by investigator for the selectionned study, but when I want calcul the TOTAL number of Patient in the studies where the investigator participate it's not workd . I use the function aggr by Study, but the result it's false, I don't understand why.

      After I need to calculate the % inclusion by Investigator which is calculated by the formul : Numbers Patient of Investigaor / The Average of the Average of Study.

      You can find my QVW in this post.

      Thanks for your help and I hope we can find a solution.

      Kind regards,