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    Return of MaxString() doesn't show

    Kjetil Kleppe

      Year_Week is a field in my data and I use MaxString({$1}Year_Week) to get the latest year and week the data is updated (for example 2011-40), and shows it in a text object.
      However, when I open the document, the text object is empty, but if I make any selection or just choose Clear when I open the document, the string shows in the text object. The document opens with no selections, have tried to save it with a selection and opened it again, but the same problem occurs.


      If I use MaxString({$}Year_Week) og just MaxString(Year_Week), the string shows when I open the document, but then it will change to the max string for the current selection, and that is not the intention.


      How can the I get the presentation in the text object correct when the document is opened?