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      My use of GetFieldSelections in the file attached is not giving me what I need.

      I would like to have 3 charts.

      one is with the category per year, second is country per year and the third is the combination of the both.

      when I select only from the category I see what I want to see.

      when I select only from the country I see what I want to see.

      BUT when I select from the category and the country I see at both graph the same result.



      if it is possible

      I would like to hide the 2 first graphs and see only the 3rd one when I select from country and category. maybe some kind of a recording macro (dont know if it existent)






      I would like to have a 3rd graph that showing the combination of the two, but not showing the combination on the 2 first charts like it dose now.



      Thank you in advance!


      Asaf cadmon via dikla

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          Deepak Vadithala

          Hi Asaf,


          Let me make sure if I have understood the requirement fully. You have 3 chart objects with following information.


          Chart 1 : Categories per Year

          Chart 2 : Countries per Year

          Chart 3 : Countries & Categories per Year


          Now, when the user selects only Category then you wanted to show Chart 1 and hide other two charts. Vice-versa when the user selects the Country. And only when user selects both Country & Category you wanted to show the both the charts. Is this right?


          If this is what you need then I am attaching an example. You need to use the below expression under Layout Tab > Show > Conditional


          =GetSelectedCount(Country) > 0


          I hope this helps!


          Cheers - DV