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    Count new enteries

    Mehdi Komaei


      I have a table with 2 columns. Column one is the name of the ceremonies and the second one is for participants of that ceremony.

      Now i want to have the number of new persons in each ceremoney.

      this is my table:


      Person_Code     Ceremony

      50                       a

              50                    b

              50                    c

              51                    b

              52                        b



      so the result should be like this:


      ceremoney    number_New_Participants

      a                         1      =(50)

      b                         2     =(51,52) (not 50 because it is in a ceremony)

      c                         0      (not 50 because it is in a ceremony)



      can you please help me making the formula.

      thank you very much in advanced.