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    Extract 12 values



      I have a table with three columns, but over a milion rows. THe columns are: SequenceNumber, Date, SequenceValue.


      I would like to create a bar chart where I will have in axis X - Sequence numbers and Sequencevalues as value of the chart. BUt, the problem is that I need first sequence value in every month. So if I have sample data like this:




      22222, 2011-01-01, 500

      22223, 2011-01-15, 500


      22224, 2011-02-01, 500

      22225, 2011-02-10, 500

      22226, 2011-02-20, 500

      22227, 2011-03-02, 500

      22228, 2011-03-06, 500

      22229, 2011-03-18, 500



      Is it possible to extract only sequences 22222, 22224, 22227 and put their values in a chart, because they are the first ones in first three months? I guess that "the only" thing that I have to do is to extract SequenceNumbers, because values will came bu default, but the problem is to write an expression that takes only 12 values based on months.