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    Implement master/details report in QlikView


      i'm new to QlikView 10 and i'm studying it for first time, because my customer want pass to this new technology for implementing BI Reports. I've downloaded a lot of tutorial, but no one talk about implementing master/details Reports.

      I try to explain in more depth. I would like a behaviour like the following:


      I've a bar chart (master chart) based on following Dimensions/Measures:


      x-axis: Dimension = States (for example: Italy, England, Spain, Portugal, and son on)

      y-axis: Measure = Number of toys sold in each State.


      Now, if i click on Italy State, for example, it would appear another bar chart (detail chart) or another type based on following Dimensions/Measures


      x-axis: Dimension = Shops (Naples, Florence, Rome and so on. They are all shops located in Italy, because in previous step i've clicked on Italy). In other words it's the second level of the hierarchy


      Parent level: States

      Child level: Shops


      y-axis Measure = Number of toys sold in each Shop


      It's possible implement a solution like this? If yes, how? Can you explain step by step, because i'm new with QV and i don't know well its GUI.