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    Screen resolution for A4 printing

      Hi everyone,


      I am having problems with printing a sheet at exactly 100% of actual size to A4 paper. It seems that the sheet is converted to an image that is then scaled to the size of the A4 paper according to the selected sheet screen resolution.


      I cannot set print size to 100% for a sheet - only for an object.


      The only place that I can find to set the resolution is under the "view" menu but the resolutions don't correspond to an A4 page. For example. if I choose screen resolution 1024x640 then the image seems to be scaled and while the width of objects increases by 5% their height increases by 30% on the printed sheet. This is distorting the fonts on the page and making them unreadable.


      Any help on the topic would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Deepak Vadithala

          Hi Craig,


          I generally use the Edit Reports under Reports menu. Then you can set the report settings to A4 size, once you do this then you add your Sheet Objects in the report to fit into A4 size. I understand it is additional work but this is the best way for printing and publishing to PDF.


          I hope it helps!


          Cheers - DV

            • Screen resolution for A4 printing

              HI DV,


              Thank you very much for your help. This goes a long way to resolving the problem but the printed version of objects does not look the same as when you view them on the sheet.


              For example, one of my charts (straight table type) loses the following on the printed version:

              - The border (I think this can be resolved in report properties for the object)

              - The style where lines alternate between light/darker blue

              - The heading of the object (which includes an expression)


              Another chart (pie) changes where the legend is positioned when you resize it and you cannot <Ctrl>+<Shift> to readjust the position like you can on a sheet.


              I need the printed report version to look exactly like the version on screen. Have you managed to overcome this problem in the past?


              Thanks again,