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    Modify axis in bar chart?!



      I want to know, if it is possible to modify an axis in an bar chart?


      The problem is:

      I´ve one dimension and two formulars, which have to be designed like the example. I´ve multiply the blue bars by -1 to get this design.

      The problem is that I´ve negativ numbers on the x-axis, which are positiv in fact... In a table I could solve the Problem with the following numer format:




      But it doesn´t work in a chart axis.


      Have anyone an idea? 


      Thanks in advance

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          Deepak Vadithala



          I had exactly same issue in the past. I could not change the negative Axes value to positive and still show on the left hand side. Fabs or multiplying by -1 will not work because it changes the display to the right. So I had to hide the Axes and show the Grid. Then I have used the TextBox to show the positive numbers. It is important to uncheck the position Allow Move/Size and also make your Axes range with Static Min and Static Max.


          This is not 100% solution for your issue. But a workaround to get it working.


          Good luck!


          Cheers - DV