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    Group data in the load script

    Sunil Kenth

      Hi all,


      I need some help with some syntax on how to group data together in the load script.


      The field in my table is called Supplier_Category and I would like to group entries in this field that = 'Company A', 'Company B' and 'Company C' and then name this group as 'Partners'.


      Thanks for your help in advance.



        • Group data in the load script
          Jay Edgson


               Supplier_Category as Partners,

               Max(1) as Temp

          From YourDataSource

          Group By Supplier_Category


               Supplier_Category = 'Company A' or

               Supplier_Category = 'Company B' or

               Supplier_Category = 'Company B'





          Any addtional fields added in to the Load statement must also be added to the group by statement.



            • Re: Group data in the load script
              Sunil Kenth

              Hi Jay,


              Thanks for your prompt response.


              I think I probably didn’t explain clearly what I wanted.  I still want the field to be called Supplier_Category but I need to group/categorise/rename certain values (Company A, Company B, etc) within the field as ‘Partners’.


              Something like:


              ((Supply_Category)='Company A', & if(Supply_Category)='Company B') as Partners



              Is this possible in the load script?





            • Group data in the load script
              Sokkorn Cheav

              Hi Sunil,


              This one should have a master data for group name. If it doesn't have, you need to load with a hard script like this




                  IF(CompanyField='Company A' OR CompanyField='Company B' OR CompanyField='Company C','Partners','-')    AS [Group]

              FROM YourTable