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    How to write this pivot table expression in script?

      Hi everybody,


      I load datas with HIERACHRY LOAD, then I build a pivot table with the parent and the childs as dimension. The expression is



      * if(not IsNu

      ll(child3), sum(total <child2> if(IsNull(child3), piece)),1)

      * if(not IsNull(child2), sum(total <child1> if(IsNull(child2), piece)),1)


      So I got the right piece in dependence of the ancestors. The deficit is, that I have to add all the childs in dimension.


      No I search for a solution, that I only give the parent and a list of all childs in one field with the correct piece number. I try it with and combination of HIERARCHY LOAD and HIERARCHYBELOANGSTO LOAD, but I loose then items or I hadn't the correct number of pieces.


      Any suggestions?


      Regards Vicky