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    Visualise the accumulation in a chart bar



      I'm using a bar chart : is there any way to make the accumulation visible ?


      This is what I want : per year, I need to count a number of products.


      2008 : 1

      2009 : 2

      2010 : 3


      That's great. I select the "Full accumulation", and it gives me :

      2008 : 1

      2009 : 3

      2010 : 6


      OK, but the bars are all in the same color, and I can't tell wich is the number of products of the year and which is the accumated part...

      Don't know if I'm clear...


      I would like to have one portion for the numbert of products of the year and another portion, in another color, for the accumulated products of the previous years (of course, stacked).


      Is there any way to do that ?