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    Prevent Loading same QVD file

    Ivan Drago



      I have a schedule that runs once a day that creates a qvd file of 2 million rows and growing.


      I then have a document that runs every hour that loads the same qvd.


      Is there a way to prevent the document reloading this same qvd as it is taking time for the document to keep reloading he same qvd.



        • Prevent Loading same QVD file


          Sorry, but it's not quite clear to me what the query is.  Do you mean you just want to load new information and not all the information contained in the QVD file?


          I'm guessing you're dealing with an incremental load and you'd like to load just new info rather than all the historic info or something like that?


          Need a bit more clarity before anyone will be able to help!




          • Prevent Loading same QVD file

            QVD files typically load pretty fast, unless you are doing transformations on them. 


            Try using the buffer load statement.



            buffer (Stale after 1 day)

            load *







            Another approach is to separate the static tables and put them into a staging qvw file and use binary load to bring them all in at once.  Then load the other changing data after the binary load.