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    Workbench and QlikView Reports - How to access?

      I have created a button on a QlikView sheet that has a print report action for aQlikView report I have created for the QlikView document. When I use the QlikView Access Point to bring up the QVW from my browser and press the buttona PDF report is created. When I create a QvObject using QlikView Workbench for that same button and press it from our ASPX page no PDF file is created.

        • Workbench and QlikView Reports - How to access?
          Emeli Sparrman

          I have the exact same issue, it's not working and I can't find a solution.


          Did you get it to work at last or did you do something else??


          Is there anyone in this forum who knows about this issue?

            • Workbench and QlikView Reports - How to access?

              I have logged a case with QlikTech (00076347 - Can't print (PDF) a report from workbench) which is in their queue for investigation. I am homefull they will have a fix for a future SR.


              BTW - are you resizing the Workbench QvObjects from the client using javascript when the browser resizes? I can get the <DIV> then encloses the QvObject to resize but the chart/table is not redrawn to fit in the newly sized QvObject. There is a gray boarder with the new size but the chart/table does not change. My current work around is to do a postback and set the width/height from C# codebehind. Would really like to figure out how to get the QvObject to redraw. Thanks.