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    Can't get one weeks missing data to show in Pivot Table

      I have a weekly report that must only contain the data from one week.  The problem is that certain products are missing data for particular weeks and only occasionally have a value in them say once per month.  I need [Pairs per Package] to show up in the pivot table every single week without fail to simplify the maintenence of my reports (ie make them dummy proof).  I'm using three seperate dimensions and I've tried to make them show all values with no success.


      I have tried using a set analysis below, but it makes no difference from just putting [Pairs per Package] in there.  It gives the set analysis 53 weeks worth of data to look at, but it won't add back the missing data.  What am I doing wrong?


      MAX({< [Production Date] = {'>=$(=(v_LastWeekEnding))<=$(=(v_OneYearOutWeekEnding))'} >} [Pairs per Package])