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    round ?




      i want to have a dynamic dimension

      that rounds an existing dimension at one position after the decimal point.


      Is the "QV round function" working similar to the "excel round function"?





        • round ?
          Stefan Wühl

          Well, both functions round so I guess they are similar...


          There are differences though, QV rounds takes a base as second parameter, so if you want to round to one decimal point, you need something like


          =round(Value, 0.1)

          where AFAIR Excel uses ROUND(CELL; 1)


          Does this answer your question?

          • round ?

            thanks for your quick help


            you 're right excel is using the round function   Round (A1; 1)


            so long


              • round ?
                Kamal Naithani

                HI Daniel ....in qlikview....for rounding we use the round()....go in the help tab..

                and there are other functions such as ceil and floor...which are used for get tghe value