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    Jerome Hanff



      i want to calculate YTD and YTD -1 .

      i have this right now



      sum({$<YEAR = {$(=max(YEAR))}, MONTH = {"<=$(=max({<YEAR={$(=max(YEAR))}>} MONTH))"}>} VALUESALES)


      sum({$<YEAR = {$(=max(YEAR - 1))}, MONTH = {"<=$(=max({<YEAR={$(=max(YEAR))}>} MONTH))"}>} VALUESALES)


      But what i want is to go do the exact day in the month, not just the month

      ex: from (YTD-1) 01.01.2009 to 19.10.2009 and 01.01.2010 to 19.10.2010



      any idea how to complete this function to do so?


      Thanx in advance for your help