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    QlikView AccessPoint Customisation

      G'day QlikCommunity;


      I've done some pretty exhaustive searching today to try and find out how to set defaults and other general customisations of the QlikView AccessPoint (v10) and really haven't found much besides a few blog entries and some unanswered discussions.


      First and foremost, I would like to be able to set 'Details' as the primary view for any user who logs into the AccessPoint. Much like the below screenshot:




      Vlad Gutkovsky's blog covers this issue in an indirect manner, by disabling the 'Thumbnail' view. (See: http://www.qlikvlad.com/?p=133 - and his other articles are helpful as well)


      The criticism I have of this is highlighted in the following image. You will notice that, unlike the details tab, it will only display the same number of documents as it usually would if there were Thumbnails. Instead of all the documents on one page it splits them by whatever the row amount selected it (Default is 4).




      Ideally, by disabling 'Thumbnails' using Vlad's fix, the option to select it should not appear.



      I have looked at other unanswered cases that also ask about setting default selections for the AccessPoint. I would like to have a default category, view and even rows. I have looked through the QVS documentation (Reference Manual) and there is little to no customisation available without editing the C:\Program Files\QlikView\Web\QvAccessPoint.js file.


      Surely I can't be the only person who has come across these issues/restrictions?



      Below are just two examples of similar discussions that are still unanswered;







      Kieran Boyce