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    Reloading on QV-server as another Windows-user

      QlikView-server runs as a specific Windows-user, in our case let's call this user WINQV, i.e. this is the user noted in the "Log On As"-column for the QlikView-services in Windows Services on our server-machine. We're running QVS 10.


      We have a couple of reports that connect to an SQL-Server via OLE DB and fetches data authenticating with Windows-login. When these reports are reload using the "Reload"-functionality in QlikView Enterprise Management Console the reports authenticate against the SQL-Server as WINQV. However, for various reasons we need it to authenticate as a different Windows-user, let's call this user WINOTHER, instead when the reports are reloaded. Changing the permissions for WINQV in SQL-Server is not an option. WINOTHER has all the correct permissions in SQL-Server but we can't seem to get QlikView to connect to the database as this user.


      How do we set this up? Is it at all possible? I've been wracking my brain half the week with this

        • Reloading on QV-server as another Windows-user

          In discussion with QlikTech we've been informed that this is not possible. The standard way of doing this at the moment, according to our technical contact at QlikTech, is by reloading using a batch-script and running that script as the appropriate user. In our case that also requires the user to have a valid QV-developer license. I'm unsure if that's always the case.


          I really wish this kind of functionality was be built into the Server/Publisher and I'm sure I'm not the only one since QlikView is frequently used in information sensitive industries like Finance for example.