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    A huge problem with qlikview table

      hi there:

      I am doing a table which looks like the pic attached, anyhow i did a "view" on sql server with the right things i want and the table that i buillt adds more information which doesn't exist on my view - as you can see - all the rows which "final" field is "-" are rows which does not exist in my sql view, and which i don't want in this table.

      is there an easy smart way to build a table which contains exactly what i have in my sql view without adding any aggregation cells or cells who contains exactly the value of one field (as you see the column "=place")



        • A huge problem with qlikview table
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          Does your data model (Ctrl + T) have any synthetic table ($Syn...) that may be returning unexpected results by loading two tables with several fields with the same name? I'm assuming you load on one hand some data from one source (that have those "Final" records) and something else from that SQL view, and QlikView is linking both tables using all fields that have the same name. Is that possible? If yes, you can work that around in several ways, being the faster renaming the fields from one table different than the other table, or leave just one key field that links both.


          If you are loading only the SQL view, I'm probably asking the obvious but are you sure the set returned by the view does not have any null/empty values?


          Hope that helps.


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