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    Using variables to identify 'place' when using ConvertToLocalTime

    Calvin Francart

      I have an application in which all data is stored using GMT (with no daylight saving adjustments when that data is stored). I have all of the required charts and graphs that anyone would want, but I want to be able to give my users the ability to select their timezone from a list and modify the displayed data (primarily for trends throughout their workday). I have already created a table that contains the valid places that the ConvertToLocalTime command supports, but I'm having some trouble sorting out how to pass it thru to the expression since it uses single quotes like this:


      ConvertToLocalTime ( InteractionStart, 'Paris' )


      I tried not using a location at all in order to force the exprression to use the local user's system timezone. That works - but only if the file is downloaded. When viewing on the server via the IE plugin, it seems to only want to use the server's time... unless there is some way to work around this?