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    Pivot chart sub total conditions



      In Pivot chart, I have dimension (location,item) , expressions(quantity,value). Here, I have value but quantity is zero for some items. I need to cut this value when quantity is zero. after that sub total(show partial columns - by checked) is having the total value(including value of zero quantity). So please give me suggestions.

      my expression for Qunatity is == sum(PQTY-MQTY)

      my expression for Value is == sum(PSTOCKVALUE-MSTOCKVALUE)

      Expecting your reply.



      Location         Item                 Qty           Value

      Stores            Apple              5                   10

                           orange             12                  15

                             banana           0                    3

                             grapes            0                     2

                            pineapple          2                   6

                            total                19                  36


      i need           

                            total                19                  31