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    Access Point / Ajax Client in QV 10 - Change of displayed URL and other questions

      Hello Community,


      we just updated to QV 10 and now have some issues regarding the use aof the AJAX Client and the QV Access Point (via the QV Webserver)


      The background: Our customers are using different applications - cerated by us - via the AJAX client. Before the upgrade, we created the corresponding HTML files via the specific entry in the "Extra Menu" and, therefore, hat "total control" of the name of the URL. I.e., that we could individually create URLs such as


      analytics.OURCOMPANY/CUSTOMER_NAME (specific for different customers/applications)


      At the moment, we have to use the much more "cryptic" URLs automatically generated, such as




      Is there any way of changing the displayed URL in a way similar to the first sample?


      Also, we now always have the QV "Navigation Bar" (the one at the top of the browser window with icons for "Deselect", Bookmarks, Report, Help, etc.). In QV9, there was the option to deselct the display of this via the "Extra Menu" entry, but up to now, I haven't found any similar function. Does this option still exist?


      At final (and least important) question: when the app is opened via AJAX, the name of the tab is being given as "QlikView" for a short moment before giving the "proper" name (of our company etc.). Can this be changed?


      Since we can't prolong the "downtime" for our customers any longer, we are in desparate need of help here - so many thanks in advance.




      Update: ok, I just found the solution to the toolbar issue here: http://community.qlik.com/message/42304#42304

      Still no solutions for the other two things