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    How to add a hyper-link action to a chart?


      I'm using QV10, and want yo add an action to one of the charts on the dashboard. I want that when you click on the chart - a new sheet will be opened.

      How do I do it?


      Thank you

        • How to add a hyper-link action to a chart?
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          Go to any empty space on your sheet where the object to be clicked is, right click and go to the Sheet properties, Triggers tab. Select the ID of the object you want to be clicked and add a new action OnActivate, Add Action, Layout, Activate Sheet, and specify the sheet ID. Note that every time you click out of the object and click on it again, you activate it. Once you are selecting in a chart it's still activated, but as soon as you click on any other object, blank space, chart, etc... you will be deactivating it.


          Hope that helps.


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