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    location license


      I have a question about license QlikView Server. I wonder where it stores information about licensing? Especially I am interested in how many licenses are used and how many free licenses.


      Thank you



        • location license
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Stepan,


          The server Root folder stores this information. Search your disks for PGO files. To manage them, go to the QlikView Enterprise Management Console, System, Licenses, click on QlikView server, and you will see on the right part, Client Access Licenses (CALs), a summary of the licenses assigned and available, to whom are they assigned, and when they were last used.


          Document CALs are assigned to the documents, not server wise, so you will need to go instead to the Documents tab menu in the QEMC, browse to the document, click on it and you will see a tab Document CALs. Note that if you remove a QVW file with licenses assigned, you may lose those CALs (well, they still are in your Server license, but you may need to contact QlikTech support), so first remove the licenses assigned, then remove the document.


          Hope that helps.


          Miguel Angel Baeyens

          BI Consultant

          Comex Grupo Ibérica