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    How do you exclude some selection fields from an aggregate expression?



      I hope someone can help - I have an expression which works fine for establishing a sepcific 'actual' average criteria as well as remove duplicates:-


      avg(aggr(avg({$<Type={'Total Bill'},[Team Type Summary]={'FTO','Trainee'}, [BillAveExclude] -= {'1'},[Claim Type]={'Fast Track RTA'}>}Distinct [Client Damages]),Case))

      To get to the 'plan' for this area I want to take department wide average and display this against the 'actual' average based on any current selections.  To this end I believe that I need to incorporate the instruction to ignore certain field selections into the set analysis:-


      [Site Summary]=,[Senior Manager Summary]=,[FE Team Summary]=,[Fee Earner Summary]=




      My issue is how to position the ignore selections instruction within the original expression - if I include as part of the current structure it does not ignore these selections and therefore my 'plan' figure continues to mirror my 'actual' based on various selections.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!