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    How to remove "/QLIKVIEW" from URL

    Brian Lucci



      We are upgrading from Qlikview 8.5 to Qlikview 10.  In our current Qlikview 8.5 setup, which we use IIS, we have our URL as qview.company_name.com.  With Qlikvview 10 we are using the Qlikview Web Server and our link is qview.company_name.com/qlikview.  I tried going into the Qlikview web server and setting the name of the E:\Program Files\QlikView\Web path to be a blank for the name instead of the default which is QLIKVIEW.  When I go to qview.company_name.com the site comes up but it won't bring back a list of available documents to view.  Does anyone know if there is a way to setup the Qlikview Web Server so we don't need to have the /qlikview root folder name at the end our our URL?


      Thank you,