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    Server and Publisher Installation Decisions

      We recently purchased Qlik View and our technical analyst is performing the installation.  The server installation was a matter of clicking next, next, next, etc.  However, the Publisher installation has raised a few questions.  For example:


      1.)  XML or SQL server

      2.)  IIS or Qlik View services


      We have asked Qlik View for their recommendation and have been told to contract with a business partner.  This seems rather extreme.  We just want to know what is the recommended installation (even Microsoft provides this).  Or, to receive a simple explanation of impact of one decision over another based upon volume, etc.


      Can anyone provide a brief summary or does this really require our contracting with yet another vendor?


      Any information regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.




        • Server and Publisher Installation Decisions
          Rob Cleek

          Hey Carol.  I think every installation differs based on what you're looking to do with it.  I can tell you that our installation consists of XML and IIS.  We run IIS for all of our web sites, and XML is easier for my team to use rather than SQL Server.  At some point we may install on Sql Server, but right now, we're operating fine with XML.


          Good luck.