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    Inserting variable in script to be evaluated later in dimmension

      Hi, I have a problem trying to insert a variable into a static table, then try to evaluate its value in runtime, but I keep getting errors.


      Here's the scenario:


      Step 1- Load a tatic table with the dynamic value




                          LOAD * INLINE [

               DimDef, "IF($(var1)=0, 1, 0)"



      Step 2 - Use the field's value as a Calculated Dimension Expression:







      When I Load the data, the expression of the column is evaluated prior setting the dimension definition, and the static table's row has the following:




      "IF(1=0)=0, 1, 0"


      So, the value neves changes, since the variable was evaluated at load time, not in at "chart time"


      I tried to play around with this approach and replacing the quotes but didnt worked:




      Any Suggestion so I can enter "IF($(var1)=0, 1, 0)" in my static table and it goes untouched to my chart's calculated dimmension, so at the end, the expression will be calculated in runtime?


      Thanks in advance for the time