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    Chart with table underneath - managing chart and table column widths

      I am looking for a way to attach a table underneath a chart. I would want to have the x-axis and the table columns be the same, with the table replacing the x-axis labels.


      The table beneath the chart should share the x-axis lables with the chart and allow for multiple rows of data showing the values on the chart (with the option to retain data in the table, but not show it in the chart).


      Is this a feature available with Qlikview?


      One of my biggest frustrations is that the width of the left column of the table under the chart is controlled by the width of the other columns. So if you change the width of a data column, the width of the left "label" column also changes.


      Ideally, the y-axis label in the chart and the left column in the table below would flex together, with the x-axis labels flexing to match the width of the below table "data" columns.


      I have attached a sample Qlikview file showing this issue.  Ideally, I would want to fix the width of the chart and the data table below the chart to match. Alternatively, a chart and table could flex together.


      Thank you!