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    Reduce a document having "One and only one" option selection list with Publisher

      Hi all,


      I try to reduce a master document having 3 integrated languages (French, English and Deutsch)) in order to have one document per language.

      Everything works well excepted some selection lists.

      I have for example 1 list named "zoom" which contains 2 items per language *3 languages = 6 items:


      In a functional point, the list "Zoom" should have always one and only one selected value and I used this option for the selection list.


      But, when the document is reduced and distribute for each language, the option "one and only one selected value" is disabled for the language "English" and "Deutsch", whereas for "french" the option is still enabled.


      The reason of keeping this option for the french language, in my point of view, is that the selected item in the masterdocument is a french item.


      Have someone a solution to solve this problem ?


      Thank you