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    Need help reading session logs

    Theresa Aspenwall

      When looking at ProgramData\QlikTech\QVS, sessions_.log, I am trying to see if there is a unique machine identifier there.  When I access a document using the IE Plugin, I can see the mac address and name of the machine.  When I access a document using AJAX, I find this type of log entry:


      2011-10-25 15:53:49 00:00:34 0.000 1387 49813 3 0 APC_CLEVELAND\TheresaA APC_CLEVELAND\TheresaA 37dc0802-a98b-4dcd-be91-2ab46f04a612 Ajax QvIIS 10.00.9061.7 SR3 browser.MSIE 9.0 On 4747 58804 Session       





      Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get a machine name or something from this line?